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VertiDrive is situated in the heart of the Makers District, the Port of Rotterdam’s leading innovation hotspot. Founded in 2008, VertiDrive started developing the technology that is still used in our products today. Using magnetic forces, our robots can climb steel surfaces in all directions: up, down and sideways. 
This enables our robots to perform a variety of jobs while you stay safely on the ground.

 Today, VertiDrive is a well-established international organization with a solid team of 25 professionals. 
We like to push the laws of nature and look at challenges from a whole new perspective. 

By taking a different approach and listening carefully to our customers, we continue to innovate
and update our techniques. Our robots allow people from all over the world to do their jobs safely, efficiently and ergonomically. VertiDrive makes your work easier, safer and more efficient.



M2 handy

Vertical, horizontal & overhead blasting power.

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M3 Series

Magnetic power for washing & blasting.

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M4 series

For closed hydroblast operations in all axes.

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M7 series

The most compact and versatile with the greatest holding force.

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Market trend: Growing demand for automated cleaning solutions

22 March 2018

SIR is the leading trade association in Europe for Industrial cleaning companies...

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Vertidrive in motion:
A new corporate video

1 March 2018

Vertidrive releases new corporate movie. 

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