We build robots

VertiDrive, established in 2008, is an innovative company that designs safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective robotic solutions. Our client base extends across many industries, such as shipping, green/wind energy, the onshore and offshore industry and the petrochemical industry.


Our mission is to deliver excellent engineering solutions and exceed our clients’ expectations through the application of sound engineering principles. We strive for client satisfaction by designing user-friendly and low-maintenance machines and by ensuring fast on-site support.

Customized robots

Thanks to our own research and development team based in the Netherlands, we can produce a variety of customized robots. The diversity of the robot always ensures that our clients get even more than they asked for.

Partner in the EU eSHaRk project

As a World leading robotic company Vertidrive is part of the EU funded Horizon2020 eSHaRk project for development of the robot for laminating the eSHaRk foil on ship hulls. Together with the high knowledge Partners PPG, MacTac, HSVA and ND Coatings we designed not only the hardware, but also special developed sensors and software to operate autonomously. 



M2 Handy

Vertical, horizontal & overhead blasting power. 

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M3 Series

Magnetic power for washing & blasting.

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M4 series

For closed hydroblast operations in all axes.

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M7 series

The most compact and versatile with the greatest holding force.

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