From VertiDrive’s current business and customer demands, it has become clear that the next stepwise improvement in surface / coating maintenance repair and overhaul activities would be the need to not only robotically do preparation and cleaning of metal surfaces, but also (re-)coating (preferably spray) application itself.

The very large improvement step here would be to prevent the (expensive), time-consuming step of building scaffolding (as also dangerous in use) for in this case surface (re-)coating using manual paint roller application.

Recent feedback from our global partners is that at least 50% of all current robotic crawler customers and leads ask for robotic coating functionality proactively.

Beside this we were proactively approached by la number of large Tank Storage Industry players globally in the last couple of years, to discuss, scope and start a Vertidrive robotic driven coating solution for storage tank (re-)coating.

As a result of these scoping activities in January 2020, we were also granted a Dutch government MIT subsidy, in order to boost the VertiDrive M9 coating crawler developments, with a number of Dutch technology partners.
As of 2020, by now also with USA and Australian development partners attached, we are planning a staged global launch plan for M9 coating application robotics.

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