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Vertidrive m2 handy

Handheld magnetic robot

Vertidrive M2 Handy

The VertiDrive M2 Handy paint-stripping tool is designed to carry out closed hydroblast operations on vertical, horizontal and overhead steel surfaces. The machine adheres to the wall by a magnetic pneumatic drive assembly and can be easily maneuvered.

The operator doesn’t feel the effect of the reaction force created by the water pressure of the  UHP pump, as the magnetic drive absorbs this force. The blast is mounted in front of the drive system has a self-rotating nozzle bar with eight nozzles. A rotation speed of approximately 3,000 rpm and a water pressure of 3,000 bar with a maximum of 25 liters per minute ensure a clean and effective result. All the wastewater can be collected by the vacuum system. The controls are easily accessible on the handle. Forward and backward speed can be controlled with the flick of a switch. 

A unique safety feature ensures that the UHP pump can only be switched on when the Handy is securely attached to the metal surface. If contact with the surface is lost, the pump automatically shuts off.

Vertidrive M2 Handy in a nutshell


Difficult and unsafe work is something of the past

The M2 is easy to operate through 2 handles and it provides the operator with a tool to work in a safe, efficient and ergonomic way.

This makes it possible to work for many hours in a row without having to deal with the reaction force of the UHP, while delivering work of a consistently high quality.

Closed system that is good for the environment

Removed dirt such as paint and rust remain within the system and can be collected and processed through extraction in a controlled environment.

This is possible with the vacuum system we developed inhouse, which consists of a balanced set of a separator and a side-channel blower.

Safe in all directions

By employing a unique drive with a magnetic force, this robot can ease the heavy work for the operator in all directions, including horizontally, vertically and even upside down, while the operator does not even notice the reaction force of the UHP water jet.

Should the robot unexpectedly lose contact with the surface to be treated due to an operating error, the connected UHP pump immediately stops. A perfect result with minimal effort!



M2 Handy

Vertical, horizontal & overhead blasting power. 

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