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Vertidrive M4

Vertidrive M4 robot

The VertiDrive M4.1 hydroblasting robot was designed to carry out closed hydroblast operations on vertical, horizontal and overhead steel surfaces. All the water and paint is collected using a vacuum system. Inside the blast can, a self-rotating nozzle bar with sixteen nozzles ensures a clean result.

The machine adheres to the wall with a magnetic drive assembly and can move independently. There is no need for crane assistance or cherry pickers. The wireless remote control ensures operator safety and continuous operation. VertiDrive offers a 40 cm wide self-rotating titanium rotor head equipped with sixteen sapphire nozzles.

Now availavle
Vertidrive M4 ATEX zone 2 version

The use of our robots must always be safe, even in a dangerous environment with a possibility for an explosive atmosphere. For this special demand, we have developed the certified ATEX zone 2 version, fully compliant and ready to go!


Closed system that is good for the environment

Removed dirt such as paint and rust remains within the system and can be collected through extraction and processed in a controlled environment. This is possible with the vacuum system we developed, which consists of a balanced set of a separator and a side duct fan.

Immediately dry 

Use the extraction function to leave the treated surface behind dry for fast application of the paint system. This also delays surface rust by up to 72 hours compared to open UHP water jetting.

Ergonomic and safe

The remote control allows the operator to operate the robot from an optimal working position, without physical strain and at an appropriate, safe distance. 



M2 Handy

Vertical, horizontal & overhead blasting power. 

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M3 Series

Magnetic power for washing & blasting.

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M4 series

For closed hydroblast operations in all axes.

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M7 series

The most compact and versatile with the greatest holding force.

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