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Vertidrive M7

Vertidrive M7 series

The recently released magnetic crawler in the portfolio of Vertidrive has it all. It's the most compact and versaltile robotic crawler created from the experience and feedback from our customers. 

All this input and experience was the basis for this special and totaly new model in to have is own place in the portfolio. Even easer to operate with more holding force.

Compact and versatile

The short and narrow wheelbase of the robot makes it extremely agile, compact and versatile. A series of very strong magnets allows the robot to easily pass over a curve without losing its magnetic grip.


Easily application switch in just a few minutes; you will be able to change from Dry-blasting to Washing without wasting any time. Easy to use UHP water jetting, wet blasting, camera inspection, NDT, induction or any other desired application.

Ergonomic and safe

The remote control allows the operator to operate the robot from an optimal working position, without physical strain and at an appropriate, safe distance.



M2 Handy

Vertical, horizontal & overhead blasting power. 

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M3 Series

Magnetic power for washing & blasting.

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M4 series

For closed hydroblast operations in all axes.

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M7 series

The most compact and versatile with the greatest holding force.

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