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Reveal Event | December 19, 2019

Join us for an event full of innovation
and the latest market insights. 



December 19, 2019


Cargo Holds of dry/liquid bulk carriers require a certain degree of cleaning when changing cargo. Such cleaning is a time consuming and at times hazardous task for the crew, which can be performed mainly while in port. The risk of not being sufficiently clean can be excessive, so a consistently high cleaning quality is necessary when i.e. grain clean is required. By cleaning the majority of the cargo hold with a magnetic crawler, you can reduce the cleaning time, increase safety, reduce risk and clean while in open water.

VertiDrive, in close cooperation with partners from the field, has worked relentlessly over the past years towards a new solution called the VertiDrive M8 Cargo Hold Cleaner. The robot is packed with the latest VertiDrive innovations, yet designed and tested to operate in the most demanding environments. The controls are designed to be intuitive for operation by a crew not necessarily experienced to work with (semi-)automated equipment.

VertiDrive is world's leading manufacturer of magnetic robotic crawlers for heavy duty applications. We have put our years of experience into the development of the VertiDrive M8 Cargo Hold Cleaner, which we can safely say that it's our most advanced model today. We are convinced this crawler will disrupt the way cargo hold cleaning is performed and hope to be able to convince you of the same on December 19th

Introduction Programme

During our event on December 19, 2019, you can expect the following:


Event opens


A word of welcome by our CEO Stefan van Diessen


Market insights by SPRINT Robotics expert,
Mr. Niels Westendorp


Reveal of the new VertiDrive hold cleaning solution : VertiDrive M8


VertiDrive M8 live demonstration


Opening of exclusive subscription list - Become owner of the first limited release M8 production batch with integrated optimization and introduction support service package.


Drinks and networking

Join us!


Be the INNOVATOR in Cargo Hold Cleaning. 

During the event we will open an exclusive subscription list for the first ten VertiDrive M8 Cargo Hold Cleaners. You get the chance to become owner of one of the first editions of our latest robot. You will become exclusive member of the VertiDrive M8 Early Adopter Club and receive interesting extra benefits such as integrated optimization and introduction support service package.

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