Vertidrive M3 grit-blasting

Vertidrive M3 Grit-blasting

The VertiDrive M3 Grit-blasting robot was designed for the removal of coatings on vertical, horizontal and overhead steel surfaces. This includes storage tanks, ship hulls and any other large steel structure. It is remotely controlled for operator safety, comfort and productivity. 

The unit can be equipped with a one-blast, two-blast or three-blast nozzle. The nozzles can be adjusted to the most efficient angle and distance to the surface. Connected to three blast pots, an air flow of 40 cubic metres ensures the fastest blasting operation on the market. The blast nozzles are mounted on the reciprocating boom to ensure a clean and effective result in front of the robot of approximately 160 cm with each stroke. The unit adheres to the wall with permanent magnets in the drive assembly. The lightweight construction and quick (dis)connect systems reduce the assembly time to approximately ten minutes. Because the robot is controlled remotely, there is no need for crane assistance or cherry pickers.

Vertidrive M3 Grit-blasting in a nutshell


Savings and safety go hand-in-hand

Ladders, aerial work platforms and scaffolding are no longer required with the application of our robot, as it can easily drive vertically, horizontally and even upside down against steel surfaces.


Easily change applications in just a few minutes, which allows you to change from Dry-blasting to Washing without wasting any time. Easy to use UHP water jetting, wet blasting, camera inspection, NDT, induction or any other desired application.

Proven capability

The longest running model with a worldwide track record. Series production for this model started as early as 2013, while development continued to give us the model we have today. 

Enthusiastic users deploy the robot across theworld for various jobs such as UHP Water Jetting, Washing, Dry Blasting, Wet Blasting and camera inspection, but the possibilities are still expanding.


VertiDrive M3 robot

Working width 1,500 mm
Blasting capacity Up to 200 m2/h
Drive system / speed 0 - 7 m/min
Weight robot 62 kg
Weight frame & control unit 120 kg
Electrical CEE plug 220 Volt 16 Amp | 110 volt 20 Amp
Dimensions (L, W, H) 90 cm x 80 cm x 48 cm
Remote control unit IMETM550s Zeus B with MAC receiver

M3 applications


M3 Washing

The VertiDrive M3 Washing application, ideal for the removal of dirt, debris and rust on steel surfaces.


M3 Grit-blasting

The VertiDrive M3 Grit-blasting application was designed for the removal of coatings on vertical, horizontal and overhead steel surfaces.


M3 Hydro-blasting

The VertiDrive M3 Hydro-blasting application, designed for the removal of paint on steel surfaces, no matter in what direction.



M2 Handy

Vertical, horizontal & overhead blasting power. 

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M3 Series

Magnetic power for washing & blasting.

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M4 series

For closed hydroblast operations in all axes.

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M7 series

The most compact and versatile with the greatest holding force.

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